If you fancy doing some work as a temp, but are not sure where to start, then the best thing to do is to find a good recruitment agency, who will be able to match up the skills that you have, with the jobs that they have on offer. The recruitment agency should help you to choose an area that you want to work in and help you to overcome any nerves or uncertainties about temping. Remember that the agency needs temps or else it would go out of business, so they do want to keep you. recruitment solutions

There are lots of different types of agency available. Some are located on high streets, others are internet based. Some specialise in say, catering temps, others are office or admin type specific, but some have a wide variety of roles available.

Before you approach a recruitment agency though, you really should have an up to date curriculum vitae prepared, so that the whole process of signing up with them can be as easy as possible. It is also a sign to the recruitment agency that you really are professional, literate and well organised, so make sure that you update your curriculum vitae before you start interaction with the agency.

The qualifications required for temping jobs vary. For example, a construction specialist, such as an architectural technologist, will require many more qualifications than if the role were for an office junior, where the main emphasis may be on willingness to work and a keen attitude. But no matter what qualifications you have, you will be able to find a temping job, so long as you display enthusiasm, a keen and flexible approach and are genuinely keen to work. So don’t be shy of approaching a recruitment agency, they may be able to transform your working life!