New tests are showing that in most cities and or places that use well water, there are drugs in tap water, and no they are not the kind used to treat the water, but real honest to goodness prescription, over the counter, and recreational drugs. At this point you may shaking your head wondering how drugs could be getting into the water supply, but the answer is staring back at you in the mirror, YOU! While you are shaking your head trying to figure out how this could be, it’s a good time to point out that if drugs in tap water are concerning you, as it should be, you might consider getting a drinking water purification system to combat the problem. triple point of water

As a society, we are consuming far more prescription and over the counter (plus on the side recreational drugs) drugs than any generation before us. Part of this is due to the fact there are more drugs now to combat seizures, heart conditions, and other preventative medicines people take on a regular basis, and part of this is because as a nation we are obsessed with making everything better with a pill, as Tylenol is taken every minutes of the day by people and the rate of people who are on daily depression medication has almost tripled in the last couple of decades. That’s a lot of pills being ingested on a daily basis, and after our bodies ingest the parts they need, the rest of the medication exits your body via the sewage system. (i.e. Your restroom’s toilet).

This is where fifth grade science comes into play. Although sewage empties away from water supply sources, some of it will seep into the ground and filter back to the water supply eventually. Other forms of the liquid spiked urine will get evaporated into the air, with the nicely digested medicines our body broke down into our bloodstreams for us. From there it condensates, until the clouds get filled, and then precipitation forms and falls back to earth in the form of rain, with drugs in the water’s composition landing anywhere the clouds open up, which is going to mean at some point, your water supply. And that is why there are drugs in tap water.