The Situation of the Pakistani Job Market
Pakistan is usually experiencing difficulties with its job market as it very often encounters mass unemployment. Unexpected circumstances in the country and new government plans constantly come about and seriously affect the job market. Some of the most important factors that affect the job market are: - The fragile law and order conditions in numerous areas of the country forced investors to shut down their businesses. The news of terrorist attacks and escalating threats of explosions in numerous cities have strongly affected the economical development of the country.

Jobs in Pakistan

- The precarious state of energy supply to the industry is also a major factor in Pakistan's unemployment. Because of the low development of the energy sector, many large industries are not able to grow and to produce more work opportunities. The poor energy supply is very often accompanied by a lack of oil and gas, which have caused many businesses and industries to go bankrupt. As a result, thousands of people were left with no job and with very slim chances of finding a new one. - The existing international economic crisis is as well a decisive factor for lack of employment in Pakistan as well as in the world. The crisis was caused by the banks in the USA, UK and a few European countries and has grown into a global phenomenon, which has especially affected developing countries such as Pakistan. However there are also some positive factors influencing the job market. Some of them are: - In the modern society of today, competition among economic rivals is very strong, which has led many companies to cut down on costs in order to provide cheaper products and to gain market share by doing so. As a consequence, there has been a huge growth of outsourcing request on the Pakistani job market, as the workers here tend to be paid with much less money compared to other countries. - The government of Pakistan is one of the most important job providers in the country as it's ever growing and improving, thus requiring more and more people. The main advantage of working for the government is the high job security levels compared to other places. People who have found work in a governmental institution are very rarely fired and they can look forward for a secure retirement.  

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