The Popularity of Insert Plastic Hardware Pieces in the Market

There are many types of hardware inserts in the market for all types of application in the home, office, commercial or industrial sector. Plastic inserts are commonly known as end plugs that are used in tubes. These are available in various types of materials, sizes, shapes and thickness for different industrial needs. There are round or rectangular inserts made of plastic and rubber to fit all types of applications.


Hardware inserts are usually made of plastic in threaded or flanged designs. Thy can be round or square insert plastics that can be in ribbed or stepped feet for a height adjustment. These pieces offer durability and strength to the application.

Threaded tube inserts of plastic material are known for their high level of stress resistance with a hexagonal shape whereas those of a metal finish or zinc plating are great for easy locking. Square insert plastics are corrosion resistant and stand well against chemical reactions. These are impactful hardware pieces in domestic and industrial applications.

Plastic inserts that are threaded are comparatively lighter than metal inserts; however, this can be a downside as light inserts tend to be more vulnerable to pressure. But with a good finish, these light inserts can avoid abrasion even on shelving and storage.


A host of applications are available with plastic inserts. Many sharp furniture edges in the home can be covered to prevent cuts and abrasion especially with children. Such hardware pieces are meant to enhance the safety feature of the environment which could include schools, libraries, shopping malls and kindergartens where children function actively.

Heavy duty applications are also found to adopt plastic inserts; they prove to be a useful grip on locking components in any important operation. Heavy duty processes function smoothly when the relevant machinery is steady on the floor. Accidents are unlikely to happen with machineries fitted with insert plastic components.

Inserts made of plastic are popular as they can easily be fitted without any tools or expertise. A gentle tap or a slight pushing of the insert to the bottom or leg of the application is usually all that is needed to get the operation going smoothly.


There is no problem securing the necessary inserts for any application as these pieces are usually produced in a large quantity. These hardware pieces are small and easy to produce using the advanced technology of today. Better production techniques and materials with higher efficiency machineries are used to produce plastic inserts according to applications and budget.

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