Hands-Free Kit

A Parrot hands-free kit? What, you may ask, is a Parrot hands-free kit? Simply put, it is a Bluetooth-capable kit that can be installed in your vehicle to allow for hands-free telephone communication while driving. Because of the number of car accidents caused each year due to distracted driving involving mobile phones; it is now against the law in the United Kingdom to use your mobile phone whilst driving.

However, the benefit of this kit is that it is literally installed into your vehicle and automatically connects with your mobile phone upon starting the engine. It connects via Bluetooth capabilities in a way that avoids messing with a headset or a long, overly obnoxious, microphone wire hanging from an earpiece that you usually end up having to hold with one hand anyways so that the other party can hear you when you talk. I never understood how that could be considered hands-free when you're using the same number of hands you would be using if you were holding the phone itself.

As I was browsing the web and checking my options, I noticed that the Parrot hands-free kit comes in a wide variety of different models. For the average, everyday user, there's just a plain old run-of-the-mill standard kit made solely for telephone calls. It is compact and I really like the small design because I imagine it would probably compliment just about any vehicle interior. Of course, let's not forget the fact that it has a voice recognition feature to truly make your phone a hands-free device. You speak a name and tell it to call and, Voila!, instant phone call. It doesn't get much simpler than that now does it?

Another option I'm pretty impressed with in regards to the different models is the Parrot hands-free kits that are compatible with iPods and iPhones (although they will work with any MP3 player, SDMMC or USB device as well). The main difference with these models, obviously, would be the music. Select the music you want to hear and it's played through your vehicle's speaker system for maximum quality.

Another great feature about this system is that upon receiving phone calls, it will drown out background and interior vehicle noise, including the music, this gives you optimal phone call quality. Not to mention that the phone calls also play over the vehicle's speaker system. I'm thinking I could definitely find a use for one of these kits!

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