Avoid a DUI With Designated Driving Services

Anytime you are going out drinking, you need to plan ahead and figure out a designated driver that is sober to bring you home. The best options are to designate a friend to pick you up or choose someone going out with you to not drink, so your car isn't left stranded. For many of us, we don't plan ahead for a safe ride. If you find yourself with no way home at the end of the night, there are several designated driving services you can choose from. Most of these are paid and a few may be free, dependent on location and timing.

Advantages of Designated Driving Services

When the night is over and you find yourself drunk with no way home, do not get behind the wheel and drive. There are many services to choose from that will bring you home safely. The majority of driving services cost money, but it will cost a lot less than getting charged with a DUI. Do some research to figure out what the best option is for you based off a few factors.

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