Elon Musk ‘could arguably be the entrepreneur of our generation’ suggests billionaire investor Reid Hoffman

Billionaire venture capitalist and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman joins Yahoo Finance Editor-at-Substantial Brian Sozzi to converse about Elon Musk and Twitter.

Video clip Transcript

REID HOFFMAN: Elon could arguably be the entrepreneur of our era.


Ideal, I signify, incredible. And astounding throughout multiple fronts. A, deep persistent sort of North Star knowledge of how technologies can change the video game, how you build technologies to do that, a willingness to tackle difficult problems, talent sets of recruiting remarkable folks. Like, all of that form of point is the kind of matter that Elon brings to bear on a problem.

BRIAN SOZZI: When he claims he wants to transform Twitter, what do you feel he could do? And have you talked about with him what he may possibly do?

REID HOFFMAN: So there’s anything that I’ve talked about, which I can’t say on digital camera.

BRIAN SOZZI: Truthful more than enough.

REID HOFFMAN: Ideal. One of the items he previously is tweeted about, and Twitter currently being a superior indicates for carrying out this, is bringing far more validation of human identity on to the platform. And I believe that is essentially a fantastic thing. I actually feel– it isn’t going to say you have to be cautious about, like, very well, individuals who could be at threat by obtaining their identification– you know, like if I am a protester in a totalitarian nation, or if I’m a deprived minority in some place exactly where I could take advantage of.

We have to be sensitive to all those kinds of things. So these are critical aspects of ongoing social and world wide transform. On the other hand, it’s also quite fantastic for us to have sort of– there is certainly good reasons why we have sturdy identity techniques, why in buy to come into the studio, I exhibit them my driver’s license and say, certainly, I am really Reid Hoffman. And indeed, please permit me in the doorway.

BRIAN SOZZI: Just pull up my LinkedIn profile. I swear it can be me.

REID HOFFMAN: Yes, specifically. And that’s in fact vital for how our culture functions. And I believe that eyesight as section of what he’s wondering about Twitter is plainly a incredibly very good notion.